Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodbye blogcarnival archives, thankyou so much Bible Archive's archives!

...and they've been here all along, thanks to Rey Reynoso of Bible Archive. We've added an "Archives" tab above that takes you directly to his list of all our past carnivals. Now that blogcarnival appears to be gone for good (update March 29:  well...and now it appears to be back up...but for how long?), and its archives gone with it, it is time to show some huge appreciation to Rey's archives! It's a good thing he's done such a good job of keeping track of things over the years. Thankyou, Rey!  He has accepted our invitation to join the admin team, which is really a formality, considering all the work he's been doing already.

I just have to share with you his introduction to those archives, because it is so appropriate to where we are finding ourselves in blogcarnival's absence:
No, I’m not stealing anyone’s glory; I just wanted to make sure there was a backup of the backups that are currently online showcasing past Christian Carnivals. We’ve been doing this for about five years now and, for some odd reason, I started thinking “what if we lose all the links…” Ridiculous, I know.
That was exactly 3 years ago tomorrow. Good lookin' out, Rey. :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Regarding the flood of emails from blogcarnival today

If you hosted or submitted a post via blogcarnival's submission form between November and February, you just received notification of it today--if not in your inbox, then in your junk folder. Delete them. They are out of date. This has happened with blogcarnival before--we started receiving notifications again but it didn't last long. So we will not go back to using the blogcarnival submission form. If you get email notifications for future carnivals you host, reply with a link to our new submission form. Thanks :)